Turning Around a Bad Start to the Day

This morning arrived with a stuffy nose and a pounding head ache. I’ve been suffering through recovering from a head cold for a few days now, and I’m still not quite sure if I’m over the hump yet.

In another life (one without responsibilities, ha) I would have just stayed in bed.

Sometimes I just have an “off” day, whether due to lack of sleep or getting over a cold. It can be easy to just go with that frame of mind, and let the whole day spiral down into a vortex of gloom.

But I usually find that with a bit of self-awareness and some little changes, I can nip that bad mood in the bud and turn the day around. Here’s what I do:

  1. Light a scented candle. My favourite is Watermelon Lemonade. I don’t have any of these at the moment, but I do have a box of supplies waiting to be made into candles! (Anyone want to join me? I keep procrastinating from this task…)
  2. Put on some uplifting music. Lately I have been really enjoying the album “Mighty” by Beckah Shae. Her music is so upbeat, her lyrics are Bible-based and she has seriously good hair:
  3. Write my thoughts out to God in my prayer journal. Ask for His joy and peace.
  4. Go outside and sit in the sun. This is especially lovely now as it is winter here. The birds are out, the air is crisp and the sun on my back is delightful!
  5. Run around or wrestle with the kids. Their little giggles are infectious!
  6. Do some colouring in – I like to colour in Bible verse pages and then hang them around the house.
  7. Have a cup of coffee. I like to have my coffee first thing, before anyone else wakes up, while I read my Bible. Some mornings (like today) I press the snooze button so I don’t have time for my coffee before school drop off. So when I do get to have my coffee, I try to take the time to really savour it. Something about coffee just makes the whole day go better.
  8. Do something productive. Could be making something simple or tidying a long-overlooked area of the house. But I find getting one productive thing done at the start of the day can make me feel good about my acheivement and have a cascade effect on the rest of the day.

These ideas are quite simplistic, but they work for me (most of the time). How to you turn a bad mood around?


Organisation Shortcuts…

(…save my back and my sanity.)

There are several areas of the house I’ve been wanting to get organised before the baby comes. Because, frankly, organisation seems like a frivolous use of time when there’s a newborn around.

Some of this has been going well – I cleared out my under-desk fabric stash a couple of weeks ago.

One area that I’ve been a bit stressed about is all the kids/baby clothes that no longer fit (and some that will fit the kids next season – we get given a lot of hand-me-downs!). They are all in different boxes and bags, some labelled and some not, and stacked in no particular order.

See, not particularly messy, just a bit chaotic. And the thing that’s been stressing me out is that I will soon need these clothes again for the baby. Which was giving me visions of having to pull everything out and go sorting through it all each time the baby has a growth spurt.

Now, the proper, Pinterest-approved way to organise these clothes would be to get cute, matching tubs, coordinating labels and then stack the tubs in the order of sizing. Like this:


Doing it right. From here.

But honestly, I’m in no condition to be pulling everything out at this point either, even if it is to get it reorganised.

So, this morning I grabbed pen and paper, and my handy label-maker and made an inventory of which clothes are in which bags/boxes, and where they are located. I also labelled anything that hadn’t yet been labelled as I went.


Some of the tubs were stacked so that the labels weren’t visible, so in those cases I just had an educated guess about what was inside, but noted it down with a question mark.

So not much has really changed in the physical situation of all those kids clothes (just the addition of a few labels), but making this inventory now means I can relax about finding clothes as the baby needs them. Having this list down on paper is a short cut for having the boxes all in order.

What I needed to achieve was being able to access the clothes I need, when I need them. And I have done that, even if it doesn’t look that pretty.

Sometimes in home-making, good enough really is good enough.