Chocolate for Breakfast, and other ways I lost 15kgs this year

This topic is pretty different to what I usually blog about, but a lot of people have been asking me in real life how I have lost so much weight recently and this blog is my little “space” on the internet, so I thought I would make a post laying out what has worked for me.

People are all different, and what worked for me may not suit your life. So take what you need and leave the rest. If this is of no interest to you, then just click on by – I’ll be back to normal postings soon 🙂

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April 2017; July 2017; November 2017

  1. Waiting Until I was Ready to Stop Breastfeeding
    I learned this the hard way last time I lost weight, but my body is incapable of breastfeeding and losing weight at the same time.
    In 2015, I started actively trying to lose weight when my second child was 8 months old, but this sadly meant we ended up weaning at 10 months, due to my milk supply dropping and him getting frustrated with the slower flow.
    This time around, we had a lot of problems feeding early on, some of which were my son’s weight gains dropping off and my milk supply falling. After struggling through those issues, I didn’t want to stop breastfeeding early just so I could get my body back into shape. So I made peace with the fact that my body will look a certain way during certain seasons of life (this article really helped me there: and I waited until I was okay with weaning.
    For us, this meant I started my weight loss journey when he was around 12/13 months and only having one breastfeed a day. He ended up continuing on until 15 months, which I am very happy with. 🙂
  2. Fitting Exercise into my Day
    I’m not super consistent with this, but one of my overall lifestyle changes has been learning to fit exercise into my day however possible. I now see exercise as a fun and necessary part of life, not something to be avoided.
    I wrote in more detail about that here:
    One of my goals for next year might be something around creating a more intentional and challenging exercise routine, but we’ll see 😉
  3. About That Chocolate…
    Okay, so when I said I have chocolate for breakfast, what I meant was that sometimes I eat a chocolate protein bar for breakfast. And when I say chocolate protein bar, I am referring to the low carb variety. 🙂
    But, in all seriousness, changing my diet has been the biggest thing I have done to lose the weight.
    I now follow a low carb way of eating, which basically means I eat lots of protein, healthy fats and a ton of veggies, with the occasional fruit or lower carb chocolate thrown in there.
    Honestly, it has not been that hard. In the beginning, I just made small changes rather than cutting out carbs altogether. But now, I find that I have no real desire for things like bread, pasta or rice. And I have eaten the odd sweet thing, only to find that the sugar now feels like it will burn my tongue off and I can’t really appreciate the flavour!
    I think the best thing about this way of eating has been not feeling hungry all the time. I haven’t needed to count calories and I don’t feel like I’m starving myself.
    If you’d like more information on making this change yourself, you can read the comments on this post of mine from a couple of years ago – a lady there in the comments left a lot of links and information about the low carb way of eating.
    And when I was starting out, I printed off this page and stuck it inside my kitchen cupboard, as a quick visual reference guide for what to eat.
    For more practical advice and general science-y stuff about low carb, check out

I hope that helps or satisfies your curiosity 🙂


Here are some recent pics of what I might eat in an average day…

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How I Learnt to Love Exercise

Here is my latest post on the MOPS blog…

The burn and how I learnt to love it.

26 June 2017

What had sounded like a fun date together during our blossoming romance ended in tears (mine) and bewilderment (his).
“I never want to do that again!” I said, with more drama than a room full of five-year-olds in Elsa costumes.
I sat there, my chest heaving with each breath and pain shooting through my lungs. My (then) boyfriend sat there next to me, looking at me like I was dancing the Macarena while speaking Klingon.
What was this terrible date we went on? A bike ride. To the end of the street.
But I was so unfit at that point that I (quite literally) felt like I was dying. Exercise was torture. And people who enjoyed it were very, very strange.

Fast forward 10 years, and we are now married (I guess he overlooked the crazy) and I thoroughly enjoy getting my heart rate up and getting a bit sweaty.
So what changed?


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