Because He Cares…

I wrote a note on my Facebook page the other day as I reflected on the recent Grenfell Tower Fire. My reflection was that the truly terrifying thing about the whole situation was the apathy from those in charge of the tower when concerns had been raised about the safety of the building in the months leading up to the fire.

The residents of that tower were in the vulnerable position of living in a building that wasn’t safe, and their vulnerability and need was met with a lack of care from those who had the power to solve the problem.

And as I watched the tower go up in flames (along with the rest of the world), I felt so upset for those people trapped in the tower. All those people who died because no one cared enough to really listen to them and make the required changes.

It’s a very deep kind of pain you feel when you reach out with your worries or fears, only to be met with silence or to be fobbed off – especially by those who are meant to care for you.

You might not be living in a dangerous situation at the mercy of some corporate body, but perhaps you’ve felt this way before with a parent or friend… Perhaps you have felt the sting of disappointment when someone you thought would care, didn’t.

This morning as I thought over these things, 1 Peter 5:7 came to mind:

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

I was really struck by how amazing it is that God actually cares for us and how this should lead us to pray to Him honestly.

Prayer is not some kind of venting ritual, where we get things off our chest and that process makes us feel better.

It’s actually giving our burdens to a real Person, who has real power.

It’s throwing all our worries and fears in front of God, because He cares for us.

That changes everything.

It means we always have someone to turn to with our anxieties and concerns. Someone who will not minimise our feelings or fob us off for something more important.

Of course, God will not always answer in the way we want or expect. But He always hears and He always answers.

When you bring your burdens to God, you will never experience the pain of apathy.

Cast all your anxiety on Him, friends – because He truly does care for you!



Faith and Forgetfulness

I’ve noticed that when God wants to teach me something, I see that message pop up in various places.

Lately, it seems like God’s been driving home the message that I need to respond with faith in Him when I am met with various challenges and worries in life.

Here’s a passage I read the other day from “Practical Theology for Women” (by Wendy Horger Alsup):

We see this problem of provision and forgetfulness over and over throughout the Old and New Testaments – and over and over in our own lives. God does something big, and we simply forget. We forget that he provided for us last time. We forget that he worked things together so well for us to get our last job, buy our last house, have our last child. We worry and fret over new problems when we really should know better. The problem is not that we have never seen God provide for us before. The problem is not that he’s asking us to respond in a way that is radically different from previous situations; that problem is that we forget the ways he’s proven himself in the past and fret over how we are going to provide for ourselves in the new situation, Exhibiting little conviction of the truth of God’s promises is especially troublesome when he’s proven himself faithful so many times before.

Can you relate?

I can.

Today I was listening to this new Sara Groves song, I’ve Been Here Before, and it talks about the same thing – finding ourselves in the same, but different, situations throughout life. And I love that Sara addresses how to respond in faith – we remember God’s grace that he has shown to us before. We remember how to walk in faith, because God has shown himself faithful before.