The Good Kind of Rest

I keep sitting down to write a blog post here lately, and feel like I’m just stalling my brain’s engine. I have ideas! Lots of ideas! I just can’t seem to get past that stage.

In the meantime, I have still been managing to get “proper” writing done.

If you’re interested, pop on over and read the my latest post on the MOPS blog:


The Good Kind of Rest

07 March 2016


Do you ever get to the end of the week and feel like you never really stopped to have a break? Perhaps you look around your house, which seems to be in a constant state of chaos, and wonder why it doesn’t reflect your non-stop efforts? You certainly feel like you’re working all day, so what have you got to show for it?

Well, there are many reasons this may resonate with you, but one possibility is that you have made a habit of unproductive rest. When I talk about unproductive rest I don’t mean rest should produce something tangible. Productive rest is rest that produces peace and energizes the soul.

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