Still Smiling

It was the first night of our honeymoon. We arrived at our accommodation too late to order food in-house, so we ventured out into the night in search of a restaurant.

We didn’t have to look far – we found the one pub in the one-pub town and let ourselves into the cosy room. There were a few locals standing down one end of the bar, near the fireplace, and one woman serving them drinks.

They all stopped laughing and looked at us when we walked in. It felt like we’d walked into someone’s private dinner party by mistake.

They looked us over.

“Let me guess,” said one of the older men, “you’re staying at Eagle View?”

“Yep,” said my husband, “We’re on our honeymoon.”

He squeezed my hand and I beamed back at him.

“Remember what that looks like,” one of the swaying, middle-aged men said to my husband, gesturing at my smiling face. “You’ll never see it again.”


Isn’t it amazing, all the things a smile communicates when sent in the direction of our husbands?

I love you.

I appreciate you.

I’m glad you’re here.

I’m glad I’m here.

I’m excited to see you.

Welcome back!

I’m thinking about you.

I’m happy when I’m around you.

I enjoy your company.


Those sobering words from the slightly drunk stranger on our honeymoon were easy to brush off as a couple of love-drunk newly-weds. But as time wears on, they take on a greater significance and importance.

Because sometimes it is hard to muster up a smile, when the days are long and real life weighs heavily on us. But all those messages I listed – the messages we can send with a smile? They’re still things I want to say to him.

So, eight years on and I’m still smiling up at him. Sometimes it’s an intentional show of love. Sometimes it’s a spontaneous burst of joy.

But I’m still here and I’m still smiling.



3 thoughts on “Still Smiling

  1. Awww…8 years? You really ARE a youngling!! Is it your anniversary? If so, congratulations.

    I have a funny story my husband shared from his work travels just this week. He was doing work for a female client who was inexplicably sharing with him all the details of her divorce, stuff he would really rather not know. He wears a ring, but she still inquired if he was married. When he answered in the affirmative, she asked how long.

    He said (at her surprised reaction that someone so “young” had been married over 2 decades),, “It feels like I’ve been married my whole life.” She took that as an opening to offer comfort and a sympathetic comment. He says he corrected her and said, “No. I don’t think you follow me. Every good, major event in my life worth remembering, [El’s] either been there for it, caused it, or contributed to it. It’s like she’s been here my whole life. In a good way.”

    All that to say, you have the right attitude, and despite the standard line that marriage converts to a state of drudgery over time, it doesn’t have to be the case.

    Good for you for being able to see that in the midst of raising several little kids.


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