When Christmas Time Sucks

I wrote this last year, but I thought it would be good to share again. It’s a helpful thing to remember, whether Christmas is a joyful or a painful experience for you.

seriously serving the saviour

My daughter has a flair for the dramatic (she gets it from her Daddy).

The other day she declared, out of nowhere, “Mummy, if we do the wrong thing then Christmas will be RUINED!”

(Actually, now that I think of it, it kind of sounds like the “be good or else” Santa propaganda that is everywhere this time of year… I jest. Kind of 😉 )

But we had a big chat about how you can’t ruin Christmas by doing the wrong thing. And in fact, when we do the wrong thing (or sin, as we call it), that just proves why we need Christmas.

I reminded her that Christmas is about God sending Jesus to become a man and take the punishment for our sins so that we can be His friends again.


I think sometimes adults can feel like Christmas is ruined too. Not because we did something…

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