Organisation is not a Luxury

For me, it is a necessity.

It’s be organised or live in complete chaos (and I definitely go through periods of each!).

I’m sure there are people out there who are naturally organised, and they can “go with the flow” and cope just fine. But when I don’t make lists and plans, things get forgotten and left undone all over the place, we are late to events, and I become a frazzled mess!



I used to sit down each Sunday evening, put on some nice music and write out a plan/loose schedule for the week ahead. I would start by writing in the “set in stone” events and appointments (Bible Study, MOPS, etc), then I would add daily tasks/activities (like reading the Bible, doing dishes, etc), then housework chores (vacuuming, cleaning bathroom, etc) and then anything else like exercise or writing time.

Now, I certainly didn’t always stick to this plan. Things would crop up, and I would just go with it. But having that plan there as a guide for the week really helped in those times when I would fine myself between activities and think “what now?”. Instead of just defaulting to a time waster, I could quickly look at my plan and see what I was “supposed” to be doing, and get right back on track.

I’ve really got out of the habit of doing this, and just decided to get back into the groove recently.

I told my husband this on Sunday night, and he said, “I think that’s a good idea – you’ve been at a bit of a loose end lately.”

So there you go – when I don’t take the time to plan, it has implications for my external demeanour and behaviour!


The other thing I find helpful every now and then is a “brain dump”. That’s where I just grab my notebook and write, in point form, literally everything that is on my mind. Last time I did this I filled three pages in one sitting!

I find doing this really takes the mental load off my shoulders, because I don’t feel the pressure of retaining all that information – I’ve written it down so I can let it go.


How about you, is organisation a necessity for you? Or do you go with the flow?



Other resources:

Work What Works for You – A helpful blog post by Elspeth

Organise Your Home and Your Attitude – A fantastic podcast by Jess Connell



And, my most recent post on the MOPS blog, Successful Breastfeeding.





6 thoughts on “Organisation is not a Luxury

  1. Beautiful little one you have there.

    And the smaller they are, the more you need to have some sense of what you can accomplish, cannot accomplish, and in what amount of time you can accomplish it. You’re right that organization is not a luxury. Even a loose framework is better than none at all.

    Appreciate the linkage.

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  2. organization is something i’ve thrived on but have had to learn to hold loosely over the years with my aspie-girl 🙂 … my personality wants to make lists and check things off … my life is more about how i adapt to all the ‘interruptions’ 🙂

    however … i may need to take up list-making again 🙂

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  3. Just found your blog!!! So awesome to know you write – well actually I need not be overly surprised since your article on MOPS was fab!!

    Am with you on the organisation front – the state of the house has a significant impact on the state of my mind & mood!! That said, I am cognisant that sometimes I just need to let it go or I end up feeling overwhelmed 😛

    Shall now stalk through the rest of your blog 🙊

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