Faith and Forgetfulness

I’ve noticed that when God wants to teach me something, I see that message pop up in various places.

Lately, it seems like God’s been driving home the message that I need to respond with faith in Him when I am met with various challenges and worries in life.

Here’s a passage I read the other day from “Practical Theology for Women” (by Wendy Horger Alsup):

We see this problem of provision and forgetfulness over and over throughout the Old and New Testaments – and over and over in our own lives. God does something big, and we simply forget. We forget that he provided for us last time. We forget that he worked things together so well for us to get our last job, buy our last house, have our last child. We worry and fret over new problems when we really should know better. The problem is not that we have never seen God provide for us before. The problem is not that he’s asking us to respond in a way that is radically different from previous situations; that problem is that we forget the ways he’s proven himself in the past and fret over how we are going to provide for ourselves in the new situation, Exhibiting little conviction of the truth of God’s promises is especially troublesome when he’s proven himself faithful so many times before.

Can you relate?

I can.

Today I was listening to this new Sara Groves song, I’ve Been Here Before, and it talks about the same thing – finding ourselves in the same, but different, situations throughout life. And I love that Sara addresses how to respond in faith – we remember God’s grace that he has shown to us before. We remember how to walk in faith, because God has shown himself faithful before.



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