Life Outside the Garden

It’s no secret I’ve been having a hard time of motherhood lately.

There’s the normal busyness of having three kids, compounded by baby T’s feeding difficulties, longer than usual work hours for my husband and a continuous string of illnesses in the family for the last two months.

Anyway, I recently started reading to the kids from the Big Picture Story Bible before bed, and tonight I read a couple of chapters with them.

We were reading about life after Adam and Eve had to leave the garden, and this page just struck me:



Wow, I just relate to everything about this picture and the words!

(Let me be really candid…)

The crying, inconsolable baby. Being needed constantly.

The physical separation from my husband for long, long hours of the day while he’s at work. The feelings of envy, even knowing that he is working hard – surely it would be easier than this!

Ailing, aging bodies. The constant illness as a reminder of how fragile these bodies are – that we are indeed heading towards death.


But the wonderful thing is it doesn’t stop there.

Yes, there are moments (sometimes, really long – like months long – moments) that remind us this world is cursed.

But life in Christ is so good.

With Christ, there is always a God who understands and to whom I can pour out my heart. I’m not separated from Him like Adam and Eve were.

With Christ, I know that although my back aches from holding these little ones and every inch of me is tired, one day I will enter His perfect rest.

With Christ, I am filled up so that I can pour out – both literally (breast milk) and figuratively (love). I don’t have to give and give without receiving. In fact, I can’t give unless I first receive.

With Christ, I can forgive and be forgiven. My husband and I might have conflict, but there is great beauty in showing each other the grace that was shown to us by God.

With Christ, there is new mercy each morning, because He is faithful!





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