Baby is Here!


Our precious little boy arrived on the weekend!

I anticipate I’ll be a bit absent around here for a while, although I do hope to get my birth story written up at some point.


Here is my most recent (and timely) MOPS blog, published the other week:

Flourishing with a Newborn in the House

11 April 2016

2015 was a year of many developments for our family, the biggest of which was falling pregnant. As I looked ahead to this year – the year our third child will join the family – some distinct phrases came to mind. Phrases like “survival mode” and “complete write-off” and “barely coping”. There are many wonderful things about newborn babies, but I know from experience that the first several months are a hard slog.
I didn’t want to build myself up with false hopes and unrealistic goals for the year, so I set my standards low. Really low.  I expected, for at least the first six months, to be exhausted, overwhelmed and struggling.

Then I heard a talk at the NSW MOPS Leaders conference last year that challenged my thinking.

Read more here:


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