What Makes a Good Mothering Community?

Here’s an article I had published on Growing Faith recently.

What makes a good mothering community?

Finding a supportive community to join you in your parenting journey.


Have you ever considered why it’s so common for stay-at-home Mums to talk about feeling isolated or lonely? How often do we go back to work because “I just needed some adult conversation”?

We diagnose the problem as a woman losing herself in the midst of early parenthood. And the solution presents itself as finding something – whether work or hobby – to reclaim her identity and remind her that she is someone apart from “Mum”.

However, I’m convinced our problem is often not a lack of personal identity, but a lack of community identity.

Read the rest at https://growingfaith.com.au/parenting/what-makes-a-good-mothering-community


5 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Mothering Community?

  1. Thanks Jess, leaves me thinking I need to put on morning tea for the Mums in Hanna & Keys. Maybe after Easter one Mon, Tues or Wed am while the man is out. 🙂 LK


  2. What I appreciated about your article was your acknowledgment that is normal (and not only normal but healthy) for mothers to desire camaraderie and fellowship on the mothering journey.

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  3. my bff and I met when our oldest babies were one. a year later I had another, then a year later she had another. she has two boys; I have two girls. our babies grew up together until we moved away 😦 . but it was sooo nice to have another Mommy to share things with … to assure one another … to know, “I’m normal!” this was before facebook and smart phones, so we called each other often and got together a lot. I wonder if fb and smart phones help connect Mommies with littles, or if they keep them from physically getting together?

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