10 Things I’m Looking Forward to When the Baby Comes

  1. The snuggles. Honestly, is there anything better than the snuggles? Sleepy, milk drunk snuggles or happy, cooing snuggles – I just love snuggling a newborn!
  2. Breastfeeding. After a real struggle feeding my daughter, and then a relatively smooth (although short) run with my son, I kind of feel like I know what I’m doing here.
  3. Seeing my kids be “big sister” and “big brother”. My daughter absolutely cannot wait for the baby to come. She is smitten with babies in general and tries to hug every baby we meet! If she’s at risk of “killing the baby with love”, my son is at risk of killing the baby with… solid wood toys. I’m sure he will love the baby too, I just anticipate having to watch him more closely!
  4. The night time feeds. Sure, they are tiring, but something I noticed with my son (our second child) was that the day time feeds were more… not quite rushed, but they were one of the many things I was multi-tasking throughout the day. Whereas the night time feeds were peaceful, quiet (except for the nappy change part – that kid HATED nappy changes!) and I found I really enjoyed them. I imagine this will be even more the case with our third child – the night feeds will be even more of an opportunity to slow down and enjoy that precious baby.
  5. Greater intimacy with my husband. I love the way each new baby draws us closer together. This may sound strange, but I have these wonderful memories of settling the baby back down after a night feed, and rolling back under the covers where my husband’s warm limbs would surround my cold ones. He often didn’t say anything, but I felt what he meant – “I love you and I appreciate you”. Parenting together, especially newborns, reveals new things to love about each other.


    My daughter as a newborn.

  6. It’s a… surprise! This will be the first time baby’s sex is a surprise, and I’m really looking forward to finding this out at the birth.
  7. Baby toys. I’ve had all the baby toys packed away in a cupboard for a while now. They mostly all fit into one bag, so there’s not too many of them. But I’m really excited to get them out again and watch the kids try to play with baby. My favourite is this play mat with two arches going over it, and little stuffed animals hanging off the arches. I’ve had it for both kids now, and I love watching them go from vaguely interested, to concentrating on the animals, to getting coordinated enough to bat at and eventually grab the animals. So much fun!
  8. Little baby clothes. Oh, the little onesies! I can’t wait to get them all out again.
  9. Baby wearing. I don’t think it *quite* qualifies as an obsession, but I do have 5 different types of baby carriers. Technically, I love this for the same reason I love baby snuggles, but one additional point is that baby carriers allow me to have baby snuggles whilst being hands-free to do all that other stuff in my day. For this reason, around the home I tend to use more of the soft-structured carriers (instead of slings, where you still need a hand to steady the baby).
  10. Baby snuggles.What’s that, I already mentioned those? Oh, so I did. 🙂


    My son at about a week old.


6 thoughts on “10 Things I’m Looking Forward to When the Baby Comes

  1. I’m so excited for you! I just found out I’m expecting baby no. 3! I can relate to your list. I look forward to all those things. I am so thankful I get to snuggle a newborn again.


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