What a day it’s been!

A day full of talking about Jesus and why we celebrate His birth; worshipping with our church family; giving and receiving presents; laughing and playing with friends and collapsing into bed, happy-exhausted at the end of it all (well, the kids did…).

And I think back to how different the first Christmas would have been.

Mary would have been there, exhausted from labour and awe-struck at the tiny human that she had just delivered. The sickly-sweet smell of amniotic fluid mingling with that earthy, damp animal smell.

Birth is such a raw, human experience. It’s a time when all your images and pretensions are stripped away, and the very core of your soul is revealed.

Such a common, human event that took place that very first Christmas. And yet, it was such a cosmic event that it forever changed history.

Gari Melchers Nativity

Painting by Gari Melchers

So amongst the abundance of food and gifts and laughter and friends (or the abundance of pain and heartache and struggle), I pray that we all remember that wonderful day when the human and the divine collided, marking the path to eternal hope for all.

Happy birthday, Jesus!

And Merry Christmas, from our family to you…


Awkward selfie is awkward.


Selfies are hard, okay?


Everyone hard at work playing with/constructing presents.


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