Blogging Etiquette and Some Fun

Okay people, I need to put on my cranky pants for a minute, and you need to read through this first if you want to get to the fun part.

As a conflict-a-phobe, this is painful for me, but here we go…

Sometimes I feel like I must be really slow off the mark, because I always seem to be the last to realise when people are talking about me.

Blogging Etiquette Point #1: Can you please tell me if you are going to talk about me somewhere? (Obviously not a “rule” or anything, but come on guys… can you tap a girl on the shoulder if she should be reading something?)

I just discovered this comment thread…

…where it seems a few people are discussing comments that went down on my recent thread “Beauty and the Green-Eyed Beast”. Particularly, my moderation decisions over which comments I allowed and which I deleted.

To sum up, the comments there got a little out of hand. I ended up deleting a couple right off the end of the thread, but in hindsight, there were more that I should have deleted (or at least edited) that were also off-topic, and hurtful to the people being talked about.

I am sorry to the people who were hurt by the comments that I allowed through out of cowardice, rather than being a good moderator. And I’m sorry to my regular readers and commentators for not being more clear about the boundaries in the past, such that people have decided to assign certain motives and beliefs to my (lack of) moderation.

Blogging Etiquette Point 2: Comments here should stick to the topic at hand.And I will use my discretion here – obviously harmless small talk will be allowed. Any comments in the future that are trying to derail the theme of the post, to take it in a harmful direction may be edited or deleted.

Blogging Etiquette Point 3: The whole purpose of my blog here is thoughtful consideration and application of the Scriptures – exploring how serving Jesus applies to various areas of life. I’m not going to hold all my commentators to the same standard I would hold myself, but this is what I will take into account with further moderating decisions – whether a certain line of thought lines up with, or totally opposes the purpose of this blog.

And now the fun part…

I’d love to send Christmas cards to some of my blogging friends, along with a unique Australian souvenir (at this point, I’m thinking of a gum leaf from my back yard, with a Bible verse written on it 😉 ).

So leave me a comment if you’d like to receive a card, and I will email you to get your address.

Lurkers are also welcome to come out of hiding at this point.

Come on now, you don’t want to miss out on your very own gum leaf, do you? 😉


16 thoughts on “Blogging Etiquette and Some Fun

  1. I’m sorry SS… I probably should have never commented there, and I’m sorry I assumed you didn’t delete mine because you thought they were ok. Wow what a mess.


  2. Yes, a mess indeed!
    I’d like to now leave the past in the past, and try to follow these guidelines going forward.
    I think you have fun and helpful things to add most of the time, so I hope you stick around 🙂


  3. An Australian souvenir would be awesome. I’ll do the same and send you something from Wisconsin. Beef sticks or cheese won’t ship that well though 😉 I’ll have to get more creative. Do you know how long it takes to ship? I know Australia doesn’t have the same challenges South Africa does but I’m shipping my SA friends cards this week and I’m two months late. Last year I shipped in November, they got it in February. I’ll message you my address.

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  4. Yay!
    Shipping here can get a little crazy around Christmas, but sending soonish should be fine.
    I’m normally always late with sending my inlaws Christmas presents (they live in Europe), but this year I was super organised and gave it to them in person when they visited.


  5. I’ve wanted to ask you something, I’m considering buying my daughters some Uggs for Christmas. I don’t know much about them except they are expensive but super comfy I’ve been told. Do you know of an online retailer who sells them that you trust? Ever since we lived in S.Korea and learned about the knock off market, I’m hesitant to buy name brand items (especially online) unless I know the “tells” of the knock off vs the actual product – for Uggs, I don’t have a clue.


  6. “because I always seem to be the last to realise when people are talking about me.”
    Not the last! I had no idea. Feel like I’ve been on a trip somewhere. 🙂
    You’re very adorable, SS. Adorable and likable.
    This may seem like a redundant statement, but it isn’t.

    FWIW, I’m big on moderation, and understand it very well. When I was a mod in a debate forum I ended up deleting about one out of every three of my own posts after thinking on it for a bit.
    So absolutely please delete whatever you think needs-a-deletin’ from my handiwork. Even this one if you want, after you’ve read it. 🙂

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  7. My apology to her was not allowed through either. I can understand why. As was discussed at Unmasking Feminism regarding “policing women” I hadn’t considered that before a public rebuke is made, I need to make sure the woman isn’t just following instruction. Her husband’s comment brought light to the fact that what she writes is indeed condoned, supported and suggested by him. She had mentioned that before at Dalrock’s – when she made a comment about Cane’s wife, that it was her husband who had made the comment and she wrote it, so I should have known better. Lesson learned. However, this is not the first time it has happened where I’ve learned that a wife is following instruction from her husband that challenges my perception of right and wrong. I will not interfere in a marriage, he is the head of their marriage. But I have had to cut ties in those circumstances – leaving behind friendships I’ve treasured. One lady I was very close with will occasionally send me a message (praise report). I miss her but know that it is best for them to work on things the way the Bible outlines in 1 Peter 3. She is doing that and has had some really positive outcomes (her husband was an atheist and after months of her peaceful submission he’s made the suggestion to have their children baptized.)

    Here’s the comment I left responding to him:

    Why don’t you or someone say anything to him when he’s been commenting trying to ruin her reputation for months

    Perhaps this was unseen as well due to what the obvious focus has been:

    Regarding the timeline issue, I became curious of that after the exchange at Scott’s. My comment there had solely to do with the comments I’d read of hers and her emails that show an obsession of talking about Cane. I was not aware you approved of it and encourage her in “showing others there is a problem with him” My apologies for the admonishment, Dragonfly, I do not intentionally attempt to persuade a wife against submitting to her husband no matter his instruction. 1 Peter 3. However once I learn these types of things, I do cut off all contact.


  8. @SD,
    Your comment was in the spam filter because of the link.
    I’m really keen not to let this go down the path of gossip, but if I understand correctly – you are simply wanting to post here to state that you will leave these matters between her and her husband, and you wash your hands of the whole thing? Yes?


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