In a Funk

I’ve been feeling a bit low lately. There are a few circumstances at the moment that are making life hard, but all of them are out of my control.

When I feel down, I lack the motivation to do anything. And then I feel overwhelmed because there is so much to do, which makes me feel more down!

It’s a horrible cycle.

I think wives/mums are often the thermostat for the household – we set the temperature or the “atmosphere” in our homes, and everyone else seems to just go along with it in a way. Or perhaps they are reacting to it.

For this reason, I am trying to make an effort to not be so weighed down by the hard things.

I can’t pretend away my situation, but I can change my attitude to the situation.

Here are some things I’ve been finding helpful:

  • Worship Music. Listening to Jesus-centred worship music puts my focus back where it should be. When I lift my eyes, I lift my mood.
  • Getting Outside. Thankfully, the weather has been warming up a bit, so the kids and I have been getting outside lots and just enjoying the sunshine. Good old vitamin D.
  • Hugs. Long, “I’m not letting you go and you can’t make me” hugs with my husband. Quick, drive-by hugs with the kids (they have important things to get to, you know 😉 ).

What do you do to get yourself out of a funk? I’m wide open to suggestions!


8 thoughts on “In a Funk

  1. I’m definitly solar powered too, my funk improves as does the amount of sunshine in the day. I find that if I’m feeling overwhelmed to take my self outside for a walk round the backyard helps so much. 😀

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  2. Coming from someone who’s in a bit of a funk tonight – (haven’t gone to run club and eating icecream) – exercise and some sun is the best thing for me. I also gind emailing some friends asking them to pray helps – email is a bit easier if I’m feeling low on emotional energy. I also ask them to email back things I can pray for them which can help take my thoughts off my own woes momentarily. And happy toddlers – they help me appreciate the moment and just enjoy their laughter/surprise/delight. Unhappy toddlers though…not so much


  3. Art or creative outlets. Also finishing something (anything!) can make me feel more productive which leads to greater motivation.
    Also, some days you just need to be gentle with yourself – put expectations on hold and just sit/rest.


  4. Exercise. Also in addition to worship music (I find that most helpful in the morning), is music I can dance to. I still haven’t grown old enough (or holy enough) not to have the occasional desire to dance.

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  5. I find getting off the pop music helps – it’s too manipulative and I find that irritating. I don’t know what ‘worship music’ you mean, but old church music and classical is more uplifting than modern Christian music, IMO.

    This almost never fails for me for uplifting.

    And this is really slow and quiet, but I find that if you actually listen, it is very calming and mind-clearing (at least for me!)


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