Personal Mission Statement

Do you ever feel like you’re just drifting through life, grabbing onto whatever happens to be in reach?

That was me in the year before last. I had a new baby, a new town, new friends. And I was just drifting from one day to the next. Some days it actually felt more like drowning.

Last year, I started to find my footing and reclaim some enthusiasm for life. But I got a bit too excited – signed up for too many things.

Somehow I was both overwhelmed at how much I was doing and bursting with new ideas!

So at the start of this year, I was thrilled to get away for a weekend with 3 girlfriends on a personal planning retreat.

We each took different approaches to planning during our time away. There was also lots of eating, laughing, games and theological discussion.

I used this ebook to structure my planning time, and one of the things the book walks you through is writing a Personal Mission Statement. This is pretty similar to a business mission statement – it helps you put thought into what you want your life to be about. This might sound a bit silly to some, or even a bit over the top, but I have found the process and the result to be quite fruitful for me.

Here is what I came away with:

My mission is to love and serve Jesus each day, making the best use of the time, resources and relationships he has given me.

To accomplish this mission, I am committed:

– To grow in knowledge and love of Jesus daily, so that every area of my life proclaims him as Saviour and every thought is filtered through a Jesus-shaped lense.

– To love and respect my husband by accepting him warmly, forgiving him freely and serving him humbly, as I minister to and with him.

– To love my children through gentle and steady discipline, inspiring them with my life and words to follow the gospel of grace, throughout the various stages of their lives.

– To create a warm, orderly and joy-filled atmosphere in our home, in which the gospel is shared naturally.

– To use my words to challenge others to consider new perspectives, to uplift others when they need it and to inspire others in gospel-centered living.

During the retreat, I also spent time planning specific goals for the year, and time management strategies.

I started the year with enthusiasm, getting lots done. Then toilet training happened (and is still happening!), and that threw everything off. Then I got slack on some of the things I had planned to do.

And suddenly I’m back to “drifting”.

So I am going to do a little series on the blog, looking at my personal mission statement, point by point. I want to get back to basics, and refocus my vision on what matters.

This will be a little indulgent, so I forgive you for tuning out. But please stop in to offer any helpful thoughts or suggestions you may have.


5 thoughts on “Personal Mission Statement

  1. What a great mission statement! I’ve been focusing on order in our home more than usual this year, been getting rid of excess, that makes it so much easier.


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