Just Shut Up and Let Me Be!

Why won’t you just shut up about Christianity and let people believe what they want?

There you are, having a casual peruse of the old Facebook, when suddenly you get smacked in the head with a post from one of those Bible-bashers.

So annoying, right?

Oh, wait… that’s me…

Gospel facebook question

But seriously, sometimes even I wonder what the point is – a Facebook post probably won’t change anyone’s opinion. What usually ends up happening is that people who agree with me click “like” and everyone else rolls their eyes heavily (so I imagine) and scrolls on down to a picture of someone’s lunch.

So why do I bother talking about Jesus on Facebook? Why won’t I just keep Him for private conversations and stop making Facebook awkward for everyone?

Firstly, I try to be genuine in the image of myself I present online. I post about food, my kids, Jesus, what I’m learning, etc. because those things are important to me (but definitely not in that order). Cutting Jesus out of my online conversation would feel really fake, like I was trying to put forward an image of someone else.

Secondly, I know that most of the time, people won’t change long-held beliefs or even give a second thoughts because of a post they read on Facebook, but I guess I hope that one day, my words might connect with someone right where they’re at. Or more accurately, I hope that the Spirit moves me to speak the right words at the right time, for someone. If that’s not you, you may just have to keep rolling your eyes and scrolling down.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I actually believe that Jesus is Truth, that He is for everyone and that all people need Him. At the end of the day, that’s why I won’t shut up about him.

If this bothers you (or things I post bother you), I will completely understand if you want to unfriend me.

But you should know, if God is trying to get your attention, He will get to you one way or another. 😉


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