Here We Go…

I’m biting the bullet… starting a blog. I think this is probably my third attempt at a blog. But I had to do it.

My fingers have been itching to write. Every day, my mind is mulling, processing, churning through these thoughts… and there is only so much my husband can take!

But I have been this way for years. In fact, I have been a writer for as long as I can remember… since my parents noticed me gleefully hoarding piles of paper in the corner of my bedroom, long before I even had a desk.

So why am I doing this now?

Well, mostly because of a realisation that I have not been taking God’s word seriously enough.

In reflection, I often read the Bible as any other book, thinking “oh, that’s interesting” or “hmmm, I don’t really get that bit” and then putting it down for the day. Or sometimes I will mentally bookmark a question to revisit later, but it never happens, and that question becomes an area of doubt in my mind.

So my main aim with this blog is to use it to think through the questions and passages of the Bible I come across in my walk with God. To do that, I will need to carefully discern the meaning of a given passage of Scripture, and then apply it to my life.

It is my hope that as I take God’s word more seriously, I will grow in love and knowledge of Jesus.


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